Constructing a high-rise at 750 ft (229 m), G&E Florida Contractors know they need tough and reliable tower cranes while constructing 830 Brickell, one of their latest Miami job sites. Taking in factors such as weather conditions and product quality, G&E chooses Morrow Equipment Company, LLC. to rent Liebherr tower cranes for moving materials and dismantling major construction equipment.

“The complexities and challenges of constructing a highrise concrete structure, like 830 Brickell, cannot be understated. At G&E Florida Contractors, we pride ourselves in our ability to successfully take on the challenges of a nearly 750  ft (229 m) tall structure and complete it safely and efficiently for our clients,” says Albert Barthelemy, G&E Florida project executive. Barthelemy is very involved in the planning and decision to go with Liebherr tower cranes. He brings over 25 years of experience in development, value engineering, cost analysis and project management with a specialization in structural construction of high-rise buildings.

G&E Florida Contractors rents three Liebherr tower cranes from Morrow to hoist materials as needed, including two 316 EC-H Litronic cranes and one DR200 Derrick crane. The two 316 EC-H Litronic cranes reach heights of 753‘ HUH (230 m) and 791‘ HUH (241 m). Not only will these cranes be used to move materials, but the higher 316 EC-H is used to dismantle the lower 316 EC-H, and also used to build the 200 DR Derrick crane. The 316 EC-H then lowers to allow the 200 DR Derrick to disassemble it from the structure. The Derrick is also being used for several weeks to hoist construction materials and can later dismantle itself.

Raising a tower crane to almost 750 ft (229 m) on the Miami Coastline, Morrow and G&E take into consideration the hot, humid conditions as well as seasonal hurricanes. Liebherr’s product quality, technology, and service provide for optimal efficiency and optimized handling in any conditions including southeast storms.

Barthelemy notes: “We turn to Morrow Equipment and their Liebherr tower cranes as our turnkey partner because we know they have the equipment and experience to ensure a successful project.”

Known for its top-of-the-line power capabilities, Liebherr high-top EC-H cranes handle high load capacities and have an unmistakable silhouette. The various size classes prove their worth for medium and large construction projects, making them ideal for any high-rise applications. All EC-H cranes also have the Litronic control system that can adapt to the individual requirements of the crane operator and site. These intelligent assistance systems allow the tower cranes to operate more efficiently and safely on all of Morrow’s various customer sites.

The Derrick crane is designed to act as a special crane for dismantling other cranes on high-rise buildings, bridge pylons, and telecommunication towers making this crane ideal for the 830 Brickell location. This compact and flexible crane can also maneuver easily in tight spaces, such as urban cities like Miami.

As the largest tower crane fleet in North America, Morrow is an exclusive Liebherr tower crane dealer with 563 cranes and more on the way. This established Liebherr partner currently serves the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Peter Juhren, President and CEO of Morrow noted: “Partnership and trust is key in the Morrow – Liebherr relationship. After 44 years, our relationship provides a consistent win-win for Morrow, Liebherr, and the customers we serve in North America.”

Morrow Equipment company, LLC. was established in 1968 and has focused exclusively on the tower crane and construction hoist industry. Morrow continues to develop unique expertise and knowledge of Liebherr’s product line. Their technical knowledge and foundational support, combined with the high quality of the Liebherr tower cranes, makes Morrow one of the most successful in the lift equipment industry.

“Liebherr tower cranes offer the highest quality and most versatile tower cranes in the industry. The product is backed by phenomenal engineering and service departments which support Morrow’s engineering and service teams flawlessly”, said Juhren.

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