Licence Professionnelle Maintenance des Systèmes et Tests en environnement complexe (bachelor of system maintenance)

Maintaining the operation of complex systems requires a high degree of specialist and detailed knowledge. Graduates of the Bachelor Professional course support engineers in challenging maintenance tasks on air conditioning systems.

Complex facilities require extensive inspection and maintenance in the development phase and during operation. Graduates of the system maintenance and testing course for complex environments develop test beds for air conditioning equipment and are responsible for continued operation. The range of tasks includes the following:

  • Quality assurance and adherence to applicable regulations.
  • Testing of equipment prototypes (test design, development of simulations).
  • Planning of technical inspections (preventative and corrective maintenance).
  • Use of measuring instruments to check operation.
  • Diagnosis and fault analysis in the event of breakdown and malfunctions.
  • Repair and exchange of faulty parts.

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What we expect from you

  • You have already completed two years of study following your baccalaureate or similar (e.g. A' levels, matriculation).
  • You are interested in technological systems and correlations.
  • Your are characterized by having a well structured and analytical mind.
  • You have craftsmanship skills.
  • You have excellent technical English skills.


Laetitia Forcioli

Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS

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