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Order Management Specialist - Key AccountsSaline, MI | Job ID 16642

  • Job ID 16642
  • Division Components
  • Organization Liebherr USA Co.
  • Area of employment Customer Service
  • Country United States
  • Entry level Professionals
  • Type of contract full time
  • Date of entry 7/31/2019



  • Work closely with key account managers to manage the relationship with the key accounts while expanding the business by increasing customer satisfaction and increasing customer loyalty.
  • Must be able to motivate key accounts to meet agreed targets.
  • Serve as the link of communication between the key accounts managers and the correlating key accounts, suppliers and internal teams.
  • Obtain, monitor, and maintain accuracy of key accounts information, products, pricing and discounts.
  • Monitor and maintain all aspects of the performance and forecast for key accounts; leveraging the relationship with the customer to ensure accountability for any changes in the forecast that was not effectively communicated is key.


  • Responsible for key accounts integration into multiple digital service solutions of the Liebherr Group.
  • Prepare, maintain and present sales reports in multiple media/software for key accounts to both domestic and international executives.
  • Research and reconcile account/payment issues of any kind for key accounts.
  • Create and coordinate all relevant documents for sales and logistics in accordance with LUS and Liebherr-Components Technologies AG (COT) procedures and processes.
  • Support the Sales Administration Manager in the implementation of technical and organizational tasks and act on their behalf when absent.

Order Management – New and Aftersales

  • Issue quotes for new sales under the direction of Key Account/Sales Mangers.
  • Enter and process all incoming new sales orders - EDI, web portal based, e-mail for key accounts.
  • Process all spare part orders, inquiries and quotations for Liebherr components for key accounts.
  • Conduct/participate in weekly meetings with factories to ensure deliveries are on track.
  • Order scheduling and deadline monitoring, logistics coordination, and invoicing of shipments.
  • Create all necessary trade / export / import documents, according to applicable rules for key accounts.
  • Enter, examine and process warranty claims in accordance to contract terms of key accounts.
  • Travel to key accounts and factories independently or with Sales Managers and/or Divisional Director as needed.


Job Skills: Applies the required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) in the performance of essential job duties:

  • Basic accounting skills and the ability to reason through ever changing scenarios are a necessity.
  • Must be willing to take initiative, have strong math skills, and have the ability to anticipate potential problems before they happen.
  • Demonstrated competency for mechanical products with strong analytical and problem resolution skills.
  • Ability to maintain discretion and handle sensitive information while working under deadlines independently or as a team.
  • The ability to operate effectively through stressful situations and under tight deadlines. Additionally, the ability to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.
  • Must have strong self-motivation, organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to work in a dynamic and constantly changing environment while maintaining customer focus.
  • Ability to operate computer software, including: Microsoft Suite (emphasis on pivot tables/V-lookup), Baan, SAP ERP system (or equivalent), and Customer Relations Management tools (CRM).
  • Team Spirit: Promotes communication and cooperation for the greater good of the company and the customer.
  • Customer Focus: Meets the needs of internal and external customers.
  • Integrity: Demonstrates honesty, fairness, and trustworthiness. Follows through on commitments and admits to mistakes.
  • Safety: Promotes an incident free environment by complying with all company safety policies and procedures and participating in company safety trainings.
  • Communication: Organizes and expresses ideas and information clearly, using appropriate and efficient methods of conveying the information.
  • Self-Development & Initiative: Identifies personal strengths and weaknesses, and targets areas for self-development. Participates in educational opportunities. Takes initiative and works towards mastering tasks by developing new skills or enhancing existing skills. Looks for opportunities to take on more responsibility.
  • Task Achievement: Takes a proactive approach to anticipate and prevent problems. Breaks down problems and issues into components, and analyzes the costs, benefits, opportunities, and risks associated with each alternative solution. Works independently and in team settings to solve problems.
  • Dependability & Flexibility: Can be relied upon to handle a fair workload, meet deadlines and commitments, and accept responsibility for actions. Demonstrates an ability to work independently. Handles changes and responds to setbacks with minimal disruption.
  • Implementing New Technologies, Processes or Methods: Evaluate and integrate new technologies, processes or methods into the workplace.
  • Managing Multiple Priorities: Handles multiple assignments and priorities, while fulfilling all commitments. Accepts new responsibilities and adapts to changes in procedures.
  • Quality of Work: Demonstrates accuracy and quality in the quantity of work produces. Ensures that quality standards are met and all procedures are followed. Takes steps to correct mistakes and improve the overall product.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and/or other related field (Master’s Degree preferred), with 5-7 years of relevant experience in the field required; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Additionally, experience in sales, industrial/commercial customer service, Incoterms, international logistics, and international business is required. Exposure to the German language is beneficial.

Our offer

An interesting and abmitiouse role in a successful international company. We offer a secure work environment with a comprehensive benefits pachage and competitiive salary. We hire as soon as possible.

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  • Job ID 16642
  • Division Components
  • Organization Liebherr USA Co.
  • Area of employment Customer Service
  • Country United States
  • Entry level Professionals
  • Type of contract full time
  • Date of entry 7/31/2019

The company

Liebherr in the USAIn line with its international growth, Liebherr’s venture into the United States began in 1970. Within a couple of years, the company expanded and completed its production facilities in Newport News, VA for its product line of hydraulic excavators. It was later converted into Liebherr’s manufacturing facility for mining trucks and remains home to Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News, Co.  In addition to its production facility, Liebherr markets a wide variety of products and technologies through its companies located across the United States. The companies are Liebherr- Aerospace Saline, Inc., Liebherr Gear Technology, Inc., Liebherr Automation Systems, Co., and Liebherr USA, Co., the umbrella company for eight divisions that are positioned across the United States.

Contact person

Lisa Bozzi