Feature map

The software package Crane Planner 2.0 is available in three versions to perfectly suit the requirements of the specific user:

  • Free version
  • Sales version
  • Engineer version

The free version features – amongst other functions – 2D views of the scene, display of basic objects, standard dimensioning as well as feasibility studies. The sales version additionally offers machine data as well as lift plans relating to specific crane’s serial numbers. With the engineer version also 3D views of the scene, a comprehensive objects library, the partition of the complete lift into particular working steps as well as user-specific dimensioning are available for the user.

Feature Free Sales Engineer
2D views x x x
3D view     x
Basic objects x x x
Objects library     x
Working steps     x
Standard dimensioning x x x
User-specific dimensioning     x
Feasibility study x x x
Lift plan (serial no. related)   x x
Technical drawing   x x