Connect your manufacturing landscape: LHOpenConnect

With the product and service action LHOpenConnect, we make it possible to connect your Machine tool to your production peripherals – and with maximum system openness.

The focus here is on the exchange of manufacturing data between a host computer, machine tools and Gear inspection machines. Furthermore, stations for manufacturing control and manufacturing management can be integrated. Changes that arise, for example, as a result of variations in dimensions, temperature changes or tool wear, can thus be corrected as quickly as possible. In addition, suspect parts can be systematically detected and rejected, or remachined.

The overall aim is to transfer order, production and measurement data with the highest possible degree of automation in order to eliminate errors while maximizing production speed and manufacturing quality.

With the software modules you connect:

  • your tool presetting devices with your Liebherr gear cutting machine
  • Your Gear inspection machine using GDE with your gear cutting machines
  • RFID reader, barcode reader or camera systems for tool, clamping device or workpiece control with our machine
  • Your gear measuring machines and gear cutting machines with your host computer or MES, PPS or ERP system


Florian Schuon

Head of Preliminary Design

Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH

Kaufbeurer Straße 141

87437 Kempten/Allgäu