Injection systems

As a long-standing manufacturer of engines, we know first-hand the requirements of our customers when it comes to a good injection system. We benefit from this experience in the development and production of innovative injection systems for diverse applications. We produce all main components for injectors and high pressure pumps in-house. With the internal manufacture of microprecision parts we are able to better consider customer-specific requirements.

Common Rail Systems for improved efficiency

The innovative Common Rail Systems from Liebherr work reliably and guarantee a high level of efficiency of the engine with low fuel consumption. As a result, they enable compliance with the increasingly stricter emissions standards for diesel engines. Common Rail Systems

Injectors for every need

Liebherr's robust injectors can be ideally matched to individual customer requirements thanks to their variable construction and their specific characteristics. Engine manufacturers enjoy great freedom of integration in a wide variety of engine variants. Injectors

High pressure pumps for robust performance

Liebherr's oil-lubricated common-rail high-pressure pumps are extremely robust and resistant to aggressive fuels. The compact design allows for maximum flexibility of application. High pressure pumps

Controls for reliable engine operation

The modern engine control units from Liebherr ensure optimal control of the injection and other systems (for e.g. exhaust gas aftertreatment). Therefore, reliable engine operation can be guaranteed. The control system can be easily adjusted to different numbers of cylinders and capacities. Engine control units

Microprecision parts

Both the geometry and surface finish of parts in the micrometer range mean that precision manufacturing is a crucial step in producing high quality and durable products. Liebherr therefore uses special manufacturing processes based on state-of-the-art technology at the Deggendorf site for the production of microprecision components. Microprecision parts