The service agreements vary in their purpose, scope and duration and can also be combined in order to meet with the requirements of our customers. This means not only a reliable service partner is always on hand but also downtime is minimized so resulting in optimum planning for machines and devices.


Warranty extensions and warranty packages

Warranty extensions and packages can be arranged retrospectively until shortly before expiry of the initial warranty.

General service

These form the basis for the delivery of parts or performance of work on customers’ machines and devices.

Inspections agreements

Periodic and proactive inspections of your machines and devices increase the overall availability and significantly reduce the likelihood of longer downtimes.

Maintenance agreements

Maintenance agreements ensure that high performance and precision is maintained at all times.

Full-service agreements

With these agreements Liebherr carries out all maintenance and repairs on customers’ machines and devices.

Global contact

A tight service network ensures reliable support. Our team is at your service worldwide. Find your nearest service partner

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