Liebherr wheel loaders at Intermat 2018

Considerable expertise gained over the last 50 years ensures the high quality of Liebherr wheel loaders. Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH develops, produces and sells top performing wheel loaders in four size categories: Compact loaders, Stereoloaders, all-round loaders in the mid-series and large wheel loaders, all of which convince with their innovative drive concepts. The wheel loader’s modern design is with comfort, safety and ease of servicing in mind, right down to the finest detail.

Stereoloader L 509

An Intermat 2018 highlight is the new L 509 Stereo, which impresses with exceptional flexibility and manoeuvrability. Thanks to the unique stereo steering, the L 509 Stereo is a champion at manoeuvring, even in constricted spaces. Stereoloader L 509

Compact loader L 506

The L 506 Compact is the smallest member of Liebherr's wheel loader range. This compact machine combines power with safety and is very flexible to use. Compact loader L 506

Wheel loader L 526

Liebherr is presenting the L 526, one of its mid-series wheel loaders, at Intermat 2018. The mid-series wheel loaders are particularly versatile and suitable for universal use as they can be supplied with either parallel linkage or Z-bar linkage. The standard Z-bar linkage provides high torque in the lower region of lift arm, which is ideal for conventional wheel loader applications. Wheel loader L 526

Wheel Loader L 576 XPower

The largest Liebherr wheel loader at the company’s Intermat trade show stand is the L 576 XPower. At the heart of this almost 26 tonne wheel loader is the innovative Liebherr-XPower driveline. Wheel Loader L 576 XPower

Wheel loader L 550

Liebherr is also showcasing its L 550 from the wheel loader series for less emission-regulated markets at Intermat 2018. Designed for use in countries outside Europe and North America, this high-performance wheel loader impresses in every field of application due to its outstanding levels of productivity and efficiency. Wheel loader L 550