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It's the dream of many food lovers: "If I do a lot of sport, I can eat a lot, too. Especially the things I love." And Miriam Hunger does do a lot of sport. She is the daughter and the sister of karate world champions, so a love of sport is deeply rooted in her genes. Whenever she has time, the 30-year-old goes out into the countryside or into the gym, where she works out herself or, as a "functional trainer”, using every trick in the training book to get others in shape.

How do you juggle work, sport, shopping and cooking and always manage to deliver a top performance? It calls for perfect timing and smart management of all the resources and equipment that you need. Digitalisation and ever more comprehensive networking are making it possible. And that is why Miriam always has her fridge and more than 1,000 recipes with her wherever she goes. Even when she's doing sports.

I work a lot, I do a lot of sport, and I also like cooking. So having a fully networked refrigerator that you can "take with you" on your mobile is really cool.

Miriam Hunger

Planning meals with a swipe

We all know what it’s like: You go to the supermarket with your stomach rumbling and you fill the trolley to the brim. "Sadly, a lot of these impulse buys will end up in the bin," says Miriam. So she prefers to buy exactly what she needs for a recipe. "When I'm standing in front of the supermarket shelves I find it helpful to look at my digital shopping list and to see 'live' what's in my fridge. I can access both from anywhere via my mobile. That's what I call swiping your way to smart cooking."

While training in the park this morning, Miriam found her mouth watering at the thought of a layered chicken and avocado salad with sheep's cheese and egg which she came across in Liebherr's FreshMAG online magazine via the SmartDevice app. Now she's going to the supermarket to buy the ingredients: she needs avocado, sheep's cheese, chicory and spinach. She buys a chicken breast fillet from the butcher and the tomatoes she can pick fresh from the garden.

The Popeye principle

"The fact that doing sport makes you crave fresh, protein-packed food is no coincidence. The body is simply calling out for nutrients to replenish its stocks," explains the athlete. Standing in the vegetable section, she checks on her mobile to see what nutrients the vegetables actually have to offer. "We discovered long ago that the large amounts of iron in spinach turned out to be a miscalculation. Let's see what it can really do for us..."

The online magazine FreshMAG delivers the answer promptly, referring to the results of a Swedish study: "In order to obtain as much nutritional value as possible, it is better to eat spinach raw or lightly steamed rather than cooked. The nitrates contained in spinach also promote muscle building." So Popeye was actually right! The spinach in the salad will fit in perfectly with her fitness diet.

Enormous improvement in quality of life

"As we become increasingly digitalised, our expectations are changing," says Miriam. "There is an app for everything now, even for the heart of the kitchen. It really does make our lives easier." She says that she loves to cook healthy, tasty dishes for herself and her friends. The SmartDeviceBox integrated in her fridge-freezer, the FridgeCam™“ and their networking via the app have opened up a whole new dimension in terms of food storage and smart food management. Miriam is happy to say that this has improved her quality of life enormously.

Soon, it became clear that what works for concrete can also work for other applications: for example, bulk materials, mining, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals or petrochemicals.

Getting the taste right step-by-step

The recipe for the chicken avocado salad is rated by the online magazine FreshMAG as "difficult". "But following the step-by-step instructions on your mobile makes it really easy," says Miriam. She is pleased that she has hasn't bought any food except what she actually needs for her fitness salad. "Tomorrow I'm going on a business trip to Berlin for four days. I don't want anything to go off while I'm away," she says. She doesn't want to have to throw anything away. "My refrigerator and the SmartDevice app allow me to enjoy quality food, which suits me and my lifestyle. That's my kind of digitalisation."

The SmartDeviceBox - modular intelligence that grows as you use it

Easy installation

All networkable Liebherr appliances can be fitted with the SmartDeviceBox in just one simple operation.

Networking refrigeration appliances with mobile devices

The SmartDevice app makes all the smart refrigerator's main functions available instantly. For example, status messages can be viewed via the app. You can set temperatures for certain foods before you get home and with the integrated FridgeCam™ powered by Smarter, you can use the app to look inside the fridge. The app also includes lots of recipes. In the future, it will be possible to automatically compare the recipes' ingredients with what you have in stock, so you receive smart recipe tips straight to your smartphone. Not only that, but FreshMAG, Liebherr-Hausgeräte GmbH's online magazine, the BioFresh app and can also answer questions about the ideal storage conditions and shelf lives for different foods.

Standardised data processing

Data processing standards make SmartDevice compatible with popular products from other manufacturers. For example, our cooling appliances can also be controlled using Alexa, Amazon's voice-activated assistant, or the "if this, then that" (IFTTT) automation service.

Optimum data protection

Microsoft was the first leading provider of cloud services to be certified to the international ISO/IEC 27018 data protection standard, and its AES-256 encryption technology is the same as that used in the banking sector. All data transferred from the SmartDeviceBox to the cloud is anonymised beforehand. Liebherr manages the users' personal data exclusively via servers in its in-house computer centre. This provides maximum security in accordance with the high standards of data protection in Germany and Europe.

Modular system

Liebherr's SmartDevice technology is already available for over 120 models. In combination with modular units, the system forms the basis for high-quality, long-lasting refrigeration appliances which can easily be expanded and adapted to new functions in the future. SmartDevice appliances can be retrofitted with a SmartDeviceBox at any time so that they can use Liebherr's digital services. Updates and modular expandability mean that the future of SmartLiving is already "built in" to the devices.

Programmed for innovation

The SmartDevice technology is constantly updated via cloud services and receives new functions on an ongoing basis. In this way, digital offerings and services can be implemented quickly and dynamically. SmartLiving can never become "out of date", as the refrigeration appliances and their range of functions always automatically remain "state of the art". And the appliance doesn't even need to be replaced.

Networked knowledge

An interdisciplinary team of 32 developers at the Liebherr IT Services facility in Oberopfingen near Kirchdorf an der Iller, Germany has made developing "Smart Cooking" and "Smart Living" their mission. The key element is the SmartDeviceBox, which in the age of digitalisation allows the refrigerator to "think for itself", turning it into an active partner, available whenever you need it to help you with more sustainable and healthier food storage and smart food management – amazingly intelligent, amazingly efficient and amazingly cool. Over 120 Liebherr refrigerator models are already networked via the SmartDeviceBox, and the SmartDevice app for iOS and Android devices is available in all app stores.

Others involved in this digitalisation think tank include system architects, development engineers, e-business managers, UX designers, scrum masters and customer journey managers – like Miriam Hunger.

Cooperations - Teamed up with the best


The collaboration with Microsoft is part of the Domestic Appliances division's digitalisation strategy. Microsoft contributes to Liebherr's expertise in the field of refrigeration and freezing technology, bringing the latest technologies and digital solutions to the table. The new generation of the SmartDeviceBox is a product of this collaboration.

Strategic partnerships

Alexa/Amazon: Voice-activated assistants like Alexa make it really easy to control compatible networked household appliances using voice instructions. SmartLiving from Liebherr speaks the same language as Amazon, opening up many new possibilities for the SmartHome of the future.

Kaufland: The strategic partnership with the food retail chain offers many benefits for users of the SmartDevice app, for example when creating shopping lists and placing online orders with local retail stores.

EAT SMARTER is a portal for people seeking a balanced diet, with over 100,000 healthy recipes for cooking and baking. Many of the recipes are explained with detailed step-by-step photos and short how-to videos. This makes it the perfect companion to Liebherr-Hausgeräte GmbH's online magazine, FreshMAG. Cooking well has never been this easy!, with 300,000 recipes and millions of users, is Europe's largest cooking site. For over ten years, the community here has been cooking, exchanging, rating and illustrating recipes, and people use the platform to help each other and swap tips and tricks. Each month, it receives more than 100,000 new postings on its forums. These postings continually update and expand the knowledge and experience of the users.

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