Bac pro Technicien en Chaudronnerie Industrielle (metalworker)

Graduates of this course are specialized in the manufacture of deep drawn assemblies, sheet metal components, industrial pipework and also steel structures.

They are mainly tasked with inhouse production but can also be deployed elsewhere to perform installation, maintenance and repair work. Professionals with this qualification can operate conventional, manually-controlled and also numerically-controlled machines or robots. They are familiar with the bonding techniques suitable for the different materials and are capable of using the relevant machines. Among the items of equipment associated with this work are laser and plasma cutting machines, bending presses, round bending machines and welding robots.

At a glance

Period of training: 3 years

What we expect from you

  • You enjoy planning and organizing.
  • You grasp technical relations quickly.
  • You have good spatial perception.
  • Manual dexterity is one of your strengths.
  • You work happily in a team.


Cindy Husser

Liebherr-France SAS

2, avenue Joseph Rey

68005 Colmar/Cedex


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