Job report port dredging

Our duty cycle crawler crane HS 8300 HD in dredging application in Piombino to remove deposited sediment from the mouth of the port and also to increase the depth of the water. Open job report

Job Report

Dredging of sediments on a high altitude reservoir in the Swiss Alps: Due to the large grab capacity of 10 m³, the duty cycle crawler crane achieves an average hourly handling performance of 130 m³. Job report HS 8130 HD in dredging operation

Multitalent for material handling

Fitted with a wide range of different equipment, duty cycle crawler cranes of the HS series are used for typical material handling tasks with dragline excavator as well as various mechanical or hydraulic grabs. Even in dredging operations on pontoons, duty cycle crawler cranes have established themselves successfully.

Duty cycle crawler cranes

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