Port Equipment

Customer service for Offshore Cranes

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Global customer service for Maritime Cranes.

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Hybrid drive Pactronic

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Kranfahrer-Training für Hafenmobilkrane

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Liebherr Barge Slewing

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Liebherr Electronics

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Liebherr Electronics

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Liebherr Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes

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Liebherr Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes

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Liebherr Straddle Carrier

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LiSIM crane simulator for BOS Offshorecrane

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LiSIM crane simulator for LHM 550

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LiSIM crane simulator for STS container cranes

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Mobile Harbour Cranes

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SmartGrip Mobile Harbour Cranes

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Worldwide Customer Service Stations for Offshore Cranes

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Offshore Cranes

Liebherr BOS Series

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Liebherr CAL Series

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Liebherr Heavetronic

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Liebherr MTC Series

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Liebherr offshore product range

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Liebherr RL Series

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Liebherr RL-K Series

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Ship Cranes


Liebherr Ship Cranes Overview

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Floating Transfer Solutions

Liebherr CBG 360 Datasheet

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Liebherr Floating Cranes CBG 300/350

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Liebherr Floating Cranes Overview

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Job Reports

job report container handling lhm 400 500 lirquen

100 boxes per hour

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1800 tonnes per hour

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Job Report LHM 600 Container Handling Cover

19 container rows across

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416 tons heavy tandem lift

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Flexibility is the key

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Heavy lifts in Alexandria, Egypt and Rotterdam, Netherlands with ship cranes (CBW) and mobile harbour cranes (LHM 600) from Liebherr.

From Egypt to the Netherlands

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Intelligent grabbing technology

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LHM 550 ensures efficient scrap handling in the Netherlands for Maja Stuwadoors.

LHM 550 in scrap handling

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Maritime cranes teamwork

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Modernisierung von zwei BOS 75/1300 Offshorekranen in Pascagoula am Mississippi

Refurbishment of two BOS 75/1300 offshore cranes

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Liebherr LH 120 C Litronic Material Handler in scrap handling in Germany

Scrap handling in Germany

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