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News | 11/30/2021

Where business and science develop digital solutions

From the Internet of Things, cloud solutions and data science to mobile apps: For just over a year, a global team from Liebherr-Hausgeräte has been working on digital future topics at the Ulm Science Park. Find out more

Press releases | 10/07/2021

Health Management: Two new contracts for Liebherr Analytics Solutions

Two new airlines, airBaltic and SWISS, will benefit from the health management services developed and offered by Liebherr-Aerospace. The airlines will take advantage of a growing set of predictive maintenance algorithms and trend monitoring applications. Find out more

Press releases | 08/25/2021

XpertAssist – real-time remote support

Liebherr enhances its existing remote service app and takes service to the next level. XpertAssist is not just an audio-video connection but combines remote service and traditional technical expertise with a number of technical tools to provide advanced support for customers. The new service is available for crawler cranes, deep foundation equipment and maritime cranes. Find out more

News | 07/14/2021

On the road to the digital transformation in production: Liebherr collaborating with startup

Liebherr is actively involved in a development program for startups that is being run by Bosch: The Bosch Startup Harbour. The purpose is to support talented teams in the development of their first business concept. Liebherr's collaboration with Bosch is aimed at shaping the factory of the future together with a startup on the basis of a specific application. At the same time, Liebherr sees this new collaboration format as an opportunity to gain external input and for testing and validating new technologies. This should accelerate the innovation process. Find out more

Press releases | 07/08/2021

Everything remote: Distance not an issue for Liebherr

Remote products are the topic of the hour and due to the Covid-19 pandemic in greater demand than ever. All the better that the Liebherr Group has been working for a long time on such innovative solutions and is able to offer its customers appropriate products for various applications – for remote maintenance as well as for collaboration with local technicians. Find out more

Press releases | 05/12/2021

Liebherr-Aerospace launches new service platform

Liebherr-Aerospace takes an important step forward in the world of online services by launching its new Customer Service Platform. The release provides an improved user experience and 24/7 access to new features. Find out more

News | 04/27/2021

New training solutions by Liebherr-Aerospace Customer Services

Liebherr-Aerospace has digitized its range of training solutions for airlines and MRO customers including eLearning and virtual classrooms. Find out more

Press releases | 01/27/2021

CLAAS relies on Liebherr IoT gateways

CLAAS, one of the world's leading agricultural machinery manufacturers, places its trust in the Liebherr Group in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). Combine harvesters, tractors and other machines made by CLAAS are connected thanks to IoT gateways from Liebherr. The high-performance gateways form a reliable interface for CLAAS' digital services, such as data management and precision farming. Find out more

Press releases | 01/18/2021

Digitalization in deep foundation work: The positioning system LIPOS ® supports continuous flight auger drilling

Every building stands on a solid foundation that bears the whole weight. However, when the ground below is too soft or unstable, qualified deep foundation specialists come into play in order to provide the required ground bearing capacity. With the LIPOS system, Liebherr equips the deep foundation specialists with a tool that simplifies the task in various ways. Find out more

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