Environmental considerations have been implemented in the design of all maritime products, starting right from the scratch. Quality standards are reached by using materials whose characteristics can be combined to achieve an optimum of synergy with regards to design efficiency and longevity.

Corporate sustainability is firmly anchored in our business.

  • All structural components of the crane are recyclable.

All structural main parts are detailed analyzed by finite element calculation.

  • Maximised life time.
  • Minimised dead weight.
  • Less energy usage in operation.

Liebherr maritime cranes offer a special protection package for use in areas with strict noise level requirements. This includes flexible suspenion system of hydraulic blocks, pipes, hoses and all winches.

  • With the reinforced soundproofing of the machine room, further noise reduction of up to 50 percent is achieved.
  • Noise power level reduction of 3.6 dB(A).

Operation without a loss of productivity is also possible when it is dark. High-performance LED headlights at the boom and tower provide optimal lighting.

  • LED lights consume about 50 percent less energy than conventional light systems.
  • LED technology do not contain any heavy metals or other environmentally hazardous substances.
  • Longer lifetime and less waste are further advantages.


Reconditioning instead of disposal

Liebherr offers value for money reconditioning services for used key components (e.g. drive units, pumps, etc.) To the reman program