Electronics technician for industrial engineering

As an electronics technician for industrial engineering, your skill is required anywhere where systems or facilities use control, regulating and drive system technology. At Liebherr, assignments may come up in a whole host of areas.

Commissioning of a switch cabinet for a refrigerator packaging machine

Commissioning of a switch cabinet for a refrigerator packaging machine

This means that electronics technicians for industrial engineering are charged, for example, with programming, configuring, assembling and commissioning systems and facilities. However, their tasks might also include the maintenance and inspection of complete machines and facilities. Furthermore, specialist knowledge is required of electronics technicians for industrial engineering in the area of industrial installations/plant equipment. Here, they assemble and install wiring systems, information cables and power lines.

At a glance

Period of training: 3.5 years
Prerequisite: Good secondary school; preferably intermediate-level education

Interests and talents

  • You are enthusiastic about modern technology.
  • Electronic engineering is of particular interest to you.
  • You work happily in a team.
  • You enjoy planning and organizing.
  • Accuracy is important to you.

Further training opportunities

  • Master craftsman
  • Technician
  • Diploma in technical administration
  • Academic studies


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