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Under pressure

Piston accumulator series-production range for 250 / 350 bar


You can choose from a range of combinational options within the piston accumulator series-production range. They are also flexible in terms of installation length.

We can also offer attachment parts on request.

Compliantly certified with standards

As standard practice, the piston accumulators are tested against the PED 2014/68/EU standards and rules and the ASME Code Section VIII in force.

We can also offer further certification on request.

Optimised service and maintenance plan

All our piston accumulators are designed to be particularly low-maintenance. In the event that you should require service however, Liebherr’s worldwide service network will be at your disposal at all times, everywhere.

Piston accumulators in use

Mechanical and plant engineering

  • Provision of energy in the event of a failure of the main energy source
  • Safety assessment of the connections of operational cycles in an emergency

Agriculture and forestry

  • Equalisation of pressure surges in hydraulic lines
  • Avoiding damage and reducing maintenance work and downtime


  • Safety equipment in case of the failure of the mining truck's braking system
  • Stored energy shall be release in the case of emergency operations

Building construction and civil engineering

  • Short-term provision of volume flow and pressure
  • Reduction of energy and fuel consumption through efficient use

Maritime applications

  • Diverse application possibilities from emergency operations to media isolation through ships and offshore platforms
  • Additional storage of energy to increase the efficiency of mobile harbour cranes

Wind energy

  • Delivery of energy captured by wind turbines according to requirements
  • Adjustment of the rotary blades of the wind turbines to avoid damage

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