Heavy duty is our business

At Liebherr you will find the right drives to bring your giant ideas into reality. From swivelling and driving up to lifting. Relying on over 60 years of experience as a valued supplier of our worldwide customers, we design and produce compact, powerful and robust drives for giant ideas and heavy-duty applications.

What application would you like to drive?

Slewing gearbox DAT 1000

  • Torque static: 1,220,000 NM
  • Weight: 5,850 kg
  • Height: 2.7 m
  • Application: Heavy Lift Offshore Crane

What do you want to drive?

Designed for rough environments

Travel drive FAT 1500

  • Torque dynamic: 1,250,800 Nm
  • Weight: 9,400 kg
  • Torque density: 133,06 Nm/kg
  • Size: 1,5 m
  • Application: Mining excavator

What do you want to drive?

Huge power, still asleep

Slewing gearbox DAT 1000

  • Torque dynamic: 610,000 Nm
  • Torque static: 1,220,000 NM
  • Torque density: 101 Nm/kg (dynamic)
  • Size: 2.7m length
  • Application: Slewing gearbox for an Offshore Crane

What do you want to drive?

Slewing Power

Slewing Drive DAT 1000

  • Torque dynamic: 750,000 Nm
  • Torque static: 1,156,000 Nm
  • Torque density: 125.57 Nm/kg
  • Size: 2.381 m
  • Application: Slewing drive unit for an offshore heavy lift crane

What do you want to drive?

Moves forward

Travel drive FAT 1600

  • Torque: 881,000 Nm
  • Weight: 3,607 kg
  • Torque density: 244.25 Nm/kg
  • Size: 1.3 m
  • Application: Travel drive for non-Liebherr mining excavators

Would you like to learn more?

Makes the boom swivel

Drive DAT 700

  • Torque, dynamic: 197,000 Nm
  • Weight: 3,830 kg
  • Torque density: 51.44 Nm/kg
  • Size: 4.65 m
  • Application: Bucket wheel stacker

Do you need big drives?

Loads up

Drive DAT 700

  • Torque, dynamic: 168,000 Nm
  • Weight: 2,259 kg
  • Torque density: 74.37 Nm/kg
  • Size: 2.9m
  • Application: Ship loader

What is your application?

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