Safe alternative to Rough-Terrain cranes: As the crane is always ‘supported’ by its crawler tracks, sensitive driving is also possible under full load, ensuring the highest safety standards for crane operations. In cramped conditions the crawler can be retracted hydraulically to a chassis width of 3.5 meter, and even on this narrow track the LTR 1100 can conduct safe crane operations, safeguarded by the LICCON system.

Crane operation with side inclination: Additional operational possibilities are offered by the load charts programmed as standard for working with main boom and assembly jib on surfaces with an inclination of up to 4 degrees - supervised by LICCON Load Moment Limiter. The soft- and hardware of the crane control is developed by Liebherr in-house. The central point is the LICCON computer system (Liebherr Computed Controlling). This system undertakes extensive information, control and supervision tasks. The operators’ display is feed with all important data in easy-to-understand graphic symbols and different operation programs are available for the driver.

Modern crane cab: The backwards tiltable crane cab offers a comfortable and functional working place with an all-around safety glazing including a skylight with bullet proof glass. The control elements and displays are arranged according to ergonometric factors and thus a safe and fatigue-proof working is assured.