Outstanding off road capability and maneuverability: A 171 ft / 52 m telescopic boom, a load capacity of 110 tons / 100 tonnes as well as an outstanding maneuverability distinguish the telescopic crawler crane LTR 1100.

"Pick and Carry" - Sensitive driving under full load: The drive components for the crane operation are designed for high performance and provide sensitive and precise load handling. Even under full load, the LTR 1100 allows a sensitive driving in all terrains. All crane operations are safeguarded by our proven Liccon safe load indicator.

High telescopable capacities: The telescopic boom consists of the base section and five telescopic sections, which can be comfortably and automatically extended and pinned to the requested length by the thousand fold proven single cylinder telescoping system TELEMATIK. The 171 ft / 52 m telescopic boom can be extended with a double swing-away job, 10.8 to 19 meter long. Also two intermediate sections, each one with 7 meter, can be attached for extension of the telescopic boom in the swing-away jib configuration. Overall a maximum hook height of 83 m can be achieved, allowing the crane a lifting radius of 60 meter. High load capacities are also a key mark of this crane: at 50 meter hoisting height, a load of up to 10.6 t can be lifted.