Components for mining applications

For many decades, Liebherr components have proven their reliability around the world in a whole range of different mines. Our customers in the mining segment value, above all, the cost effectiveness and service friendliness.

Advantages of Liebherr components

  • Reliable and safe
    Diesel engines from Liebherr have a very tough design and have proven their effectiveness for decades in extreme working conditions. They are also suitable for safe use on gradients of up to 45 degrees.
  • Modular product range
    To control emissions between Tier 0 and Stage V, diesel engines from Liebherr up to 3,000kW offer not just identical performances but also have the same demands on the cooling system of the machine. Moreover, the same interfaces exist for installation. In this way, we make it possible for our customers to use the same equipment design for different emission standards.
  • Economical
    In surface mining, Liebherr diesel engines impress with their sturdy design and the high power density. Thanks to the high efficiency, total costs of ownership can be reduced as well.

Specifically designed products

  • Inline engines D93 and D94
    For work underground, we offer 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder inline engines of the D93 and D94 series.
  • V-engines D95, D96 and D98
    With the D95, D96 and D98 series, Liebherr has developed diesel engines especially designed for the tough operating conditions in the mining industry.
  • Powerful
    Owing to the high demand for large volume units, our portfolio covers applications with a total weight of up to 800 tonnes.
  • Durable
    Mining applications demand a great deal of the components. Our hydraulic pumps and motors impress with very strong materials and are designed with good fatigue limits to withstand high pressure loads.
  • Optimally adapted to each other
    We adapt the hydraulic components optimally to our transfer boxes, diesel engines and also travel drive and swivelling drive units. In this way, the components in the drivetrain achieve high degrees of overall efficiency.

Specifically designed products

  • Axial piston pump DPVD
    The variable displacement pump DPVD impresses with its innovative technology. Thanks to the inverse piston, the pump manages large swivel angles and can be used with nominal pressures up to 400 bar. The model is also available as a double pump with back-to-back arrangement and a common suction port.
Hydraulic pumps and motors: Products and applications

Liebherr has many years of experience in the development of economic electric motors and generators for mining applications. We take industry-specific requirements, such as availability, durability, efficiency and simple maintenance, into account.

  • Application orientated
    In consideration of the installation situation and environmental conditions, we offer electric machines designed to meet the requirements precisely. We take customer-specific needs, such as tilt angles, brake capacities, cornering response and other parameters, into account.
  • Durable
    Electric machines are designed for lasting durability. With a general overhaul, our electric motors and generators can last as long as the equipment.
  • Optimally adapted to each other
    Our components for diesel-electric drive systems are perfectly adapted to each other. In this way, the drivetrain achieves a high level of reliability and ideal degree of effectiveness overall. This saves costs throughout the entire service life (TCO).

Specifically designed products

  • GSD series
    The highly efficient generators of this series are flexible with regard to their mechanical design and can be powered by a variety of diesel engines. Patented solutions prevent bearing currents in diesel engines and generators. High quality insulation materials minimise harmful effects of partial discharge.
  • KDF series
    Liebherr electric motors of the KDF series were especially designed as efficient and sturdy travel drive motors. Optimally adapted to the control technology and gearboxes, these machines fit seamlessly into the diesel-electric drive train. The overall design is orientated around optimum availability and lowest possible maintenance and, in this way, it guarantees a fast return on the investment.

Liebherr manufactures high quality gearboxes and rope winches for use in mining equipment. In addition to customer-specific developments, our range of services also comprises series production models.

  • Individually customised
    With our application-specific engineering expertise, we put together customised solutions for our customers. Furthermore, we support customers in meeting the requirements of approval inspections and certifications.
  • Sophisticated
    Liebherr develops drive systems with a high level of reliability in the toughest of operating conditions – indispensable for the area of mining. Our drive systems are designed using state-of-the-art development and calculation procedures (e.g. FEM). We validate the results in our in-house testing facilities and laboratories as well as in extensive field tests.
  • Service orientated
    For its components, Liebherr offers tailored services for the area of mining. Thanks to many years of mining experience, we are represented by a world-wide service network and, alongside the usual services, can also offer a comprehensive component reconditioning program.

Specifically designed products

  • Slewing drives
    In the area of mining, slewing drives are used in e.g. crawler excavators. The slewing drives enable rotational movements of the uppercarriage.
  • Swivelling drives
    For mining applications, swivelling drives have to withstand high mechanical loads. The largest swivelling drive from Liebherr, with an output torque of 63,000 Newton metres, is employed in a mining excavator.
  • Travel drives
    Travel drives power the tracks of crawler vehicles. Our travel drives withstand the high loads in the field of mining here. They are available with an output torque of up to 2,500,000 Newton metres.
  • Splitter box
    Liebherr offers splitter boxes with a range of different connections – even for the largest mining equipment. The gearboxes are adapted optimally to our diesel engines and hydraulic pumps.
  • Rope winches
    Rope winches from Liebherr are used in lifting equipment and crane systems in deep mining. We bolt our drums instead of welding them. In this way, we are also able to manufacture high numbers cost effectively.
Gearboxes and rope winches: Products and applications
  • Reliable
    Heavy loads need to be moved by mining equipment, such as excavators. It is important to keep downtimes short, here, to assure cost effectiveness. For this reason, optimally configured low maintenance roller bearing slewing rings are responsible for the slewing motion
  • Flexible
    In a variety of machines, such as stackers/reclaimers and bucket excavators, ball bearing and roller bearing slewing rings facilitate the slewing motion of uppercarriage and conveyor arms.
Slewing bearings: Products and applications
  • Resilient and long lasting
    For mining applications, hydraulic cylinders have to cope with high static and dynamic forces. Based on decades of experience, we make allowance for these requirements and manufacture our piston rods, for example, from one cast part. The focus, here, is always on sturdiness and durability in terms of the optimised design and material selection.
  • Simple reconditioning
    Our cylinders are designed in such a way that they can be reconditioned up to three times within the scope of lifecycle management. In this way, the cylinders' service life can be extended to last up to 80,000 hours of operation.

Specifically designed products

  • Shock absorbers
    Mining equipment is exposed to heavy vibrations and impact loads. Liebherr has therefore developed shock absorbers for the front and rear axle, especially developed for dump trucks. These absorb even extreme loads.
Hydraulic cylinders: Products and applications
  • Service-friendly
    The application-specific design allows our power electronics and control technology to be integrated optimally in the machines. In the event of a service, the components are easily accessible and can be replaced within a short space of time.
  • Robust and durable
    Liebherr develops compact drive system electronics for use under arduous environmental conditions. Our technology deals masterfully with impacts, heavy vibrations and temperatures ranging from -45 to +60°C.
  • Energy efficient
    Power electronics from Liebherr are distinguished by very high power density. The hybrid diesel-electric drive has a particularly high level of energy efficiency. Intelligent assist systems and drive system controls also reduce fuel consumption and material wear.

Specifically designed products

  • Switchgear for mobile machinery
    Owing to their high power density of 4.5MW, our switchgear makes a positive impression in mobile machinery with limited installation space, e.g. in dump trucks. The efficient liquid cooling contributes towards the compact dimensions, among other things.
  • Driver assist systems
    In heavy mining equipment, intelligent assist systems are of significant importance. In this way, the curve control system, for example, makes it possible for a mining truck to cope with cornering. Brake controls provide the required safety and stability during braking.
  • Drive control
    With the individually adapted drive system control, the driving properties of a whole range of different equipment can be optimised. This reduces fuel consumption, for example.
Control technology and electronics: Products and applications