Different analytical tools show the port operator the potential for improving their cargo handling efficiency with the existing handling assets. In addition, automisation systems support the driver. That, in turn, leads to more efficiency and a greener footprint at the end of the day.

The LiDAT smartApp supports port terminals in analysing their cargo handling processes with the goal of making operations more environmentally friendly and more cost efficient.

  • The crane can reach its full potential by optimising the logistics chain.
  • Active reduction of non-productive operating hours minimises the impact on the environment and maximises the resale value.

By installing the SmartGrip, the handling rate can be increased by up to 30% as the system utilises the grabber capacity in full.

  • SmartGrip prevents overload and its effects on the crane's structure.
  • Time and fuel saving.

Cycoptronic anticipates the path of the load and balances out any pendulum movements even before they develop.

  • No compensation movements initialised by the driver are required.
  • Less energy usage in operation.

One system, two cranes and only one crane operator: Sycratronic brings several cranes together as one functioning unit.

  • Faster movements when using multiple cranes for tandem lifts.
  • Less energy usage in operation.

Ideal positioning of crane and un/loading locations in relation to vessel hatches.

  • Improved operation economy.
  • More turnover.
  • Reduction of energy usage and air pollution.


Realtime monitoring

Optimise your performance with big data analytics. LiDAT smartApp