The prime mover in combination with the power transmission is the centrepiece of every crane. Liebherr maritime cranes can be equipped with a diesel engine and/or an electric drive system, exactly adapted to every application.

Liebherr maritime cranes are equipped with the latest generation of diesel engines. All engines comply with the exhaust emissions standards according to EU stage IV or EPA Tier 4 final.

  • The Liebherr fuel injection system CRS (common rail system), its ECU (eco control unit) and the SCR (selective catalytic reduction) play a noticable role in the reduction of NOX emissions.
  • Environmental impact, fuel consumption, air as well as noise pollution are reduced to a minimum.

Engine downsizing is the use of a smaller engine that provides the power of a larger engine, through the use of recent technologies.

  • Liebherr maritime cranes use in-house developed and application-specific engines.
  • By adding a boosting device (Pactronic), Liebherr provides a powerful engine with similar performance to a much larger engine, but with much improved efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

The Litronic crane control system automatically calculates the minimum required rpm (revolutions per minute) of the diesel engine depending on speeds and loads.

  • Without any impact on operational output a notable economisation of the diesel consumption is achieved.
  • A further side effect of the low rpm is the reduction of the noise level.

The entire range of Liebherr maritime cranes can be equipped with an electric main drive – for more environmental friendliness.

  • Zero exhaust emissions.

This hybrid drive system enables greater handling capacity with low fuel consumption thanks to an innovative energy-storage system.

  • Reduced fuel consumption (up to -20%).
  • Reduced CO2 emissions (up to -30%).
  • Reduced noise.

All main gears are operated in closed hydraulic circuits.

  • The hydraulic system is unaffected by environmental conditions.
  • The reverse power during deceleration and lowering is reused for other main movements and/or auxiliary supply (e.g. cooling, heating, etc.). A reduced fuel consumption is the result.
  • Less hydraulic oil is necessary (up to -75%).

Liebherr develops biodegradable oil especially for its own product line. Oil of this kind does not pose any threat to the environment and ensure clean recycling.

  • Long service life especially in combination with spectrographic oils analysis techniques.
  • Reduced operating costs and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Extended life time of components.


Hybrid drive

Pactronic combines increased handling capacity with decreased energy consumption. Pactronic