Our exhibits

Here you can find an overview of our exhibits that we will be presenting to you at EMO in Hannover.

Pallet handling system PHS 1500 Allround

PHS 1500 Allround

PHS 1500 Allround

Maximum flexibility thanks to frontal loading at both ends

The PHS 1500 Allround pallet handling system enables universal users to start implementing automated production using machining centers with 4 and 5 axes. It can be delivered within four months. This helps you to increase your productivity, reduce your part costs and increase your competitiveness.

The PHS Allround has a modular structure. It can be set up in various combinations based on need and expanded at any time. On either narrow end, loading from the front is possible with a maximum displace-ment circle diameter of 1400 mm and a maximum transport weight of 1,500 kg. Screwing the carriage into the shelf creates a compact design. As a result, the system features a smaller installation surface with a higher storage density than comparable systems on the market.

In addition to pallet management, the user-friendly cell control tech-nology can be expanded by adding useful additional functions such as time-controlled order planning, productivity statistics, NC program, tool, material and equipment management. The software can be integrated into existing software systems such as ERP or CAM/tool management systems.

Gantry portal LP 100

LP 100 gantry portal

LP 100 gantry portal

Fast – Powerful – Flexible

The LP 100 gantry portal is available in the versions standard, heavy duty with maximum weight of 280 kg, and high speed with a 80 % faster axis acceleration and a maximum speed of 300 m/min.

The gantry is compatible with component weight classes in the range of components for automotive engines and transmissions. Consequently, Liebherr offers a more affordable alternative to existing gantry portals in this weight class and boasts improved performance.

Because of its flexible design, which makes larger spacing between the supports possible, the gantry portal is ideally suited for inline production lines. In addition, Industry 4.0 functions have been expanded. As a result, function-critical components can be replaced in a timely manner with the help of online monitoring before wear becomes critical. Preventive main-tenance can significantly reduce the risk of failure and improve system safety.

Robot system Bin Picking

Bin Picking robot system

Bin Picking robot system

Detect – Grip – Set down

The Bin Picking robot system is used to remove parts as large as 1200 x 1000 x 1000 mm from deep cases. The system‘s functions include handling cubic and axially symmetric workpieces, and removing small, thin-walled components.

In this way, productivity can be increased, and labor costs can be low-ered. The new laser vision system makes a faster withdrawal of parts possible and ensures that deeper cases are emptied more thoroughly.

Thanks to the graphically guided programming screens, operation is intuitive. Operation simulates, for example, the potential picking posi-tions and prevents collisions. The machine operator does not require any robots or NC programming knowledge to do this.

As a system supplier, Liebherr delivers cells, robots with an additional 7/8-axis, grippers, scanners and software as a turnkey solution. This enables efficient automation of the parts removal process.