Major components account for up to 80% of customers' mining equipment maintenance costs. Liebherr offers customers a variety of component exchange and repair programs to provide maintenance budget flexibility without compromising quality, performance and reliability.

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Liebherr remanufactured parts and components are prepared under Liebherr's strict standards.

Liebherr remanufactured parts and components are prepared under Liebherr's strict standards.

The Repair program is based on a minimum standard repair scope which is expanded as per condition of the core. It provides customers transparency into the cost of repair as well as the lowest upfront repair cost on first-turn components. Customers maintain their own inventory of swing components in order to minimize machine downtime while the component is being repaired. Each “RX” component repaired under the program comes with a full new component warranty, provided the customer agrees to the Liebherr proposed repair scope. If the customer deviates from this scope, Liebherr will only warrant workmanship and parts replaced.

The Exchange program offers customers added-value through the delivery of an exchange component prior to the removal and return of the customers' core. This minimizes customers' downtime and eliminates the need to invest in swing component inventory. Pricing per exchange component is fixed based on simple core return criteria, allowing customers to better forecast maintenance costs regardless of the actual repair scope of each component. Even components which have failed in operation or that are beyond economical repair are eligible for a credit on the returning core. In addition to a full new component warranty, which also applies to “SX” remanufactured components, customers are also guaranteed the latest technical version to further ensure quality, performance and reliability.

The Cost Cap Exchange program also uses new and remanufactured “SX” components and provides customers the same benefits of the Fixed Price Exchange program plus an additional extended pro-rata warranty, which guarantees, or "caps", the component cost per hour. Beyond the pro-rata warranty period, the customer has the opportunity to further reduce the cost per hour by continuing to operate the component. This program gives customers the highest degree of certainty when planning component maintenance budgets and the lowest risk for costs of early failures. The Cost Cap Exchange program is only offered to customers with best-practice and verifiable maintenance practices.

Depending on the location and size of a customer’s fleet, Liebherr can also provide a repair or exchange program tailored to customers’ specific requirements. Contact your local Liebherr Customer Service representative for more details.

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Liebherr Mining exchange components enable customers to minimize the total cost of operating a Liebherr mining truck or excavator while maintaining peak productivity and reliability. Play video