Over the course of a mining machine’s life, major components must be replaced to ensure continued safety, productivity and reliability. Liebherr Mining component exchange and repair programs offer customers an OEM alternative to purchasing brand-new replacement components, enabling customers to achieve lowest possible equipment lifecycle costs without compromising quality, performance or reliability.

The remanufacturing process

All components returned to Liebherr are quickly evaluated based on simple and clear criteria to determine the price of the replacement component. From here the remanufacturing process begins.


Liebherr offers a comprehensive range of remanufactured and repaired components for all types of Liebherr Mining equipment.

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Mining trucks Mining excavators Crawler tractors
Alternators Travel drives Hydraulic pumps & motors
Wheel drives Splitter boxes Splitter boxes
Electric motors and alternators Swivelling drives
Travel drives
Front wheel assemblies Hydraulic cylinders Hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic pumps & motors Hydraulic pumps & motors Diesel engines
Suspension cylinders Sprockets and Idlers  
Hydraulic cylinders Track tensioners  
Brake calipers Diesel engines  
Accumulators Radiators  
Radiators Rollers  


Liebherr Mining exchange components enable customers to minimize the total cost of operating a Liebherr mining truck or excavator while maintaining peak productivity and reliability. Play video