Customer benefits

Each component is inspected, repaired and tested by qualified Liebherr trained technicians using comprehensive OEM guidelines and specialized tooling in Liebherr certified facilities to ensure that each remanufactured component performs as-new. Guaranteed.

Liebherr carries the complete range of genuine parts used for repairing and remanufacturing components. This ensures that customers can benefit from the fastest turn-around times for repaired components, and the highest availability of remanufactured exchange components.

Customers benefit from a variety of comprehensive repair and exchange programs to ensure flexibility in equipment maintenance budgets without compromising quality, performance and reliability.

Not only do customers benefit from detailed component analysis reports on each component returned for repair or remanufacturing, but Liebherr engineers also systematically analyse and evaluate this information to continually improve component design.

Implementing the latest technical improvements is a key part of the component remanufacturing process at Liebherr. This ensures that customers can continuously benefit from improved performance, reliability and safety each time a component is exchanged.

Liebherr designs and manufactures all major mining components in-house which puts it in a unique position to manage all stages of the component lifecycle; from development and manufacturing through to product support and remanufacturing. This in-depth product knowledge is essential for developing component specific tooling, defining optimal reusability criteria, and testing remanufactured components to the as-new specification.


Liebherr Mining exchange components enable customers to minimize the total cost of operating a Liebherr mining truck or excavator while maintaining peak productivity and reliability. Play video