Liebherr Slewing Drive Units

Benefit from high power density, easy installation, high serviceability and top consulting services. Decades of experience in the manufacture of high-quality components form the basis of Liebherr slewing drives; a product whose elements are in perfect interplay with each other.

Great power in a small space

Profit from maximum torque at minimum installation space. Thanks to decades of experience and superior technical know-how, our slewing drive units offer an optimum balance between load capacity and torque. Benefit from more torque per Euro and room now.

Plug and play

Liebherr slewing drive units are ready-to-operate, self-contained closed units.

Tighten the screws, ready and go. This saves time and money.

Low2no Maintenance

Liebherr slewing drive units are extremely low in service and fail-safe. Cost-intensive maintenance and machine failures are minimized and your total costs of ownership optimized.

Your application. Our solutions.

With worm, spur gear and belt slewing drive units, the Liebherr portfolio includes a wide range of solutions for steering, turning and swiveling applications. By designing the complete system for optimal adaptation to your application, you don‘t just get a product, but customized solutions.

Liebherr Signature

Rely on additional product features and services. With the Premium line option Liebherr Signature.

Example applications

Steering gearboxes

As steering gearboxes, for example in mobile harbour cranes or heavy goods transporters, slewing drive units can transfer high torques in confined spaces.

Attachment tools

Convincing arguments to equip rotating attachment tools with slewing drive units are their compact design and ease of servicing.

Boom arms

Slewing drive units are particularly suited to the precise positioning of boom arms. The ready-to-install plug & play solution can be fitted and brought into service with ease, even where installation space is constrained.