Company Profile

The Liebherr Group has a decentralized organizational structure and comprises eleven product divisions. The highest level of management within the Group is a shareholders’ committee made up exclusively of members of the Liebherr family.

Facts and figures

The Liebherr Group successfully closed the 2019 financial year with a turnover of € 11,750 million. This represents an increase of € 1,199 million, or 11.4 %, compared with the previous year. Facts and figures

Organizational structure

The operative structure guarantees uniformity in key company matters and enables the Group to quickly react to market demands at divisional levels. Operative structure

Business areas

Eleven product divisions help shape technological advances in numerous industries. The exchange of know-how and information inside the Liebherr Group promotes innovative ideas and interdisciplinary developments. Divisions of the Liebherr Group

Active shareholders

Liebherr group picture

All active shareholders of the Liebherr Group are descendants of the company founder and manage the company in accordance with his legacy. This ensures continuity and creates a solid basis for business success. Company management


Liebherr is a traditional family-run company. The corporate culture is value-oriented and ensures strong cooperation and a trusting relationship with partners and customers. Self-conception

Portrait of the company founder

The business activities and structure of the Liebherr Group have been shaped by the core values of the company founder. Portrait of Hans Liebherr


As a family-run business, Liebherr places great importance on behaving with integrity. Compliance