Mobile Cranes division

The range of products of the Mobile Cranes Division includes more than 30 different types of telescopic and lattice boom cranes on wheeled and crawler chassis. The product range is continuously updated and adapted to market requirements. The divisional control company is Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH (Germany), which also acts as a manufacturing company.

Mobile cranes from Liebherr

Mobile cranes from Liebherr

Mobile cranes from Liebherr
Mobile cranes from Liebherr are characterized by their mobility and different applications.

Customers' needs are the focal point

The customers' needs are the focal point from developing cranes up to after-sales service. The division sets standards in regard to the quality, functionality and safety of the mobile cranes which have a high level of availability when in use. Liebherr established, for example, the concept of the all-terrain mobile crane and now offers the world's widest range of products in this segment. Thanks to innovative telescopic systems and profile forms, it was possible to develop increasingly longer and stronger booms. Since the start of development of lattice boom cranes, Liebherr has set records in terms of payload and lifting height. Another milestone: the Liebherr PowerBoom, a double lattice main boom in the lower section for large crawler cranes.

Sales branches all over the world

Mobile cranes and crawler cranes with payloads of more than 300 tonnes are developed and produced in Ehingen/Donau (Germany). At the site in Nenzing (Austria), Liebherr produces crawler cranes with payloads of up to 300 tonnes. The division also has a large number of sales and service branches all over the world.