The new NC-B series.

Exactly the power you need.

For your sites you require power for heavy loads like concrete parts and steel elements. Therefore the NC-B series comes along with strong high-performance drives and impressive maximum load capacities up to 9tonnes. Further the NC-B cranes provide the largest working radius in their respective classes.

The development of the NC-B series was a specific response to the requirements in congested urban areas of emerging countries. With the first two models of the new series, a broad range of construction projects can already be covered in such environments.

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Management as a family business

Liebherr group picture

The company is currently managed by descendants of the company founder in the second and third generation. Active shareholders in the Liebherr Group

Company history

In 1949, Hans Liebherr invents the tower crane. He therefore lays the foundations for the success of the Liebherr Group. History of the Liebherr Group

Tower Cranes

The Division produces tower cranes in all systems and size classes, as well as a wide range of mobile construction cranes. It also furnishes in-depth project consulting services. Product Division Tower Cranes

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