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Accelerate every aspect

Our customer service brings the latest technologies to your existing Liebherr machines. With a manageable financial investment, your equipment achieves an improvement in application possibilities, service life, operational safety and performance.

Health & Safety

  • Ergonomic driver seats
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fall protection
  • Camera systems
  • LED lighting
  • Additional walkways and handrails
  • Remote controls

Cab comfort

Ergonomic working conditions for employees ensure longer readiness to work and higher concentration. The reduction of emissions of all kinds protects both the environment and your employees.

Eco & Comfort

  • Deep temperature packages
  • Camera systems
  • Remote controls
  • Biodegradable Liebherr oils
  • LiDAT and data transfer
  • LED lighting
  • Additional switchboard monitors
  • E-drive modification


Liebherr offers a wide range of retrofits and upgrades that are designed to make your machine more economical and to significantly improve its performance.

Cost-saving & Performance

  • LED lighting
  • E-drive modification
  • LiDAT smartapp
  • Foam filled tyres
  • Additional central lubrication
  • Additional fuel filters


Through targeted upgrading or retrofitting, it is possible to improve the versatility of your machine and open up new fields of application.

Upgrade & Improvement

  • Weighing systems
  • Ramming guards
  • Hook garages
  • Rope guards
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Grab modifications