Liebherr-XPower wheel loaders

XPower is an innovative machine concept which combines performance, fuel efficiency, robustness and comfort. With their power split driveline, XPower wheel loaders work with the greatest level of efficiency in all applications. Webspecial Liebherr-XPower wheel loaders

Liebherr Wheel Loaders L 526 – L 546

The high-performance Liebherr wheel loaders are genuine all-rounders. They impress in every field of application due to their great productivity and efficiency, especially for industrial use. Webspecial Wheel loaders L 526 - L 546

The new Liebherr Stereoloaders

It is their compact design and excellent manoeuvrability that puts the new L 507 – L 518 Stereoloaders ahead of the pack. Their unique Stereo steering enables them to manoeuvre quickly and efficiently. Stereoloader Special

Assistance systems for the Liebherr wheel loaders

The intelligent assistance systems for the Liebherr wheel loaders support the operator in their daily work. These include active personnel detection at the rear, a new joystick steering system and an integral tyre pressure monitoring system. These and other assistance systems enable Liebherr to offer holistic solutions to optimise safety and comfort and increase performance. Assistance systems for the Liebherr wheel loaders

Fuel-Efficient Drive Concepts

Powerful wheel loaders of all size categories make a reliable contribution to commercial success. The low fuel consumption reduces operating costs and increases productivity with high handling capacity.

Wheel loaders

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L 586 XPower Wheel loader

Tipping load 20,300 - 22,500 kg
Bucket capacity 5.50 - 8.50 m³
Operating weight 32,600 - 33,700 kg
Rated output ISO 14396 260 kW / 354 PS
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