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Suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres Dust – Zone 22
Physical principle Capacity determination in the high frequency stray field
Frequency 16 – 22 MHz
Measurement location Outside silo via baffle plate, on belt with sliding shoe carriage, pipes, screw conveyors, tank, etc.
Measuring range 0 – 100% moisture content (measuring window adjustable)
Capacity resolution 10 fF
Update cycle 33 ms
Sampling rate mean value counter 16 – 22 106
Maximum attainable measuring accuracy:
With optimum material-specific calibration, with
averaging with ideal flow behaviour with
Litronic FMS II Evaluation and transfer module/PC Software
+/- 0.05 % moisture content
Measurement value transfer digital: RS-485, multiprocessor log
Max. number of sensors on the bus 16
Maximum bus length 1200 m
Power supply 8 - 30V, 0.4 VA
Temperature measurement measuring range -10 – 90 °C
Measuring accuracy temperature measurement +/- 0.5 °C
Operating ambient temperature 5 – 72 °C
Working temperature - electronics -20 – 80 °C
Storage temperature -25 – 80 °C
Protection class IP68
Connection cable type UNITRONIC®ROBUST C 7x0.14 shielded
Connection cable length 6 m
Wearing protection Zirconium oxide (ZrO2Al2O3)
Housing/flange material V4A 1.4404 (Option: 1.4571)
Dimensions: Ø/Height 78/53/57 mm
Weight without cable 0.900 kg
Clamping flange weight 0.300 kg
Ex-protection 2014/34/EU ZELM 06 ATEX 3320X
Ex-marking Ex II 3D Ex tD A22 IP6x T85°C Dc

Note special operating conditions!

• The power supply of the sensor may only be connected to the power pack PH15-2406 ( or to the power pack WAGO 787-1002 ( 9330)

• The connection cable may only be moved if the ambient temperature is above 5°C and below 70°C

• If the cable is to be connected within the hazardous area, it must have a protection class of at least IP-6x after installation or comply with another recognised type of ignition protection for this area

• The permissible ambient temperature range is -20°C to +80°C