Mining excavator R 9100 B

The R 9100 B is the upgraded version of our R 9100 mining excavator launched in 2010. Innovative technologies from Liebherr’s large hydraulic excavator program, together with well-proven Liebherr components, make the updated R 9100 B model ideal for the mining and construction industry’s needs.

The R 9100 B is equipped with the long-lasting and proven Liebherr V12 diesel engine specifically designed to withstand extreme outside temperatures and high altitudes with low atmospheric pressure. Integrating the latest engine management system, this machine is built for extreme conditions.

The Liebherr D9512 diesel engine is the latest generation of Liebherr diesel engines and is now USA/EPA Tier 4f compliant. It has been upgraded on many levels with an increased engine lifetime (SMU target of 15,000 hours) and new features that facilitate and improve the engine maintenance.

Furthermore, the new B-versions come with the exclusive EVO Bucket Solution with patented Liebherr design to maximize the loading capacity and ensure optimal penetration efficiency. The new bucket also makes the excavator the perfect working partner in terms of shovel match for the Liebherr T 236 truck and all other articulated and rigid trucks in the 50 t to 100 t class.

The new B-versions are serially equipped with GSM data transmission functionalities to collect operating parameters, error codes and machine faults. The data is accessible through the Liebherr-Mining Data platform (LMD) on which the user can generate customized reports to track & analyze machine data.

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