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Liebherr components for tunnelling machines

Tunnel boring

We dig it!

With the growing need for mobility and connectivity, tunnel boring machines have since played a crucial role in bringing the world closer together. These monstrous machines fight their way through the toughest materials and withstand even the harshest environments. Machinery of that sort requires components that offer the same attributes: Longevity, robustness and reliability. Applying 60 years of experience in the construction industry, Liebherr has developed a new set of such components specifically designed for tunnelling.

Drive technology

Keep it spinning

For cutterhead drives, Liebherr has developed a series of gearboxes suitable for dynamic output torques of up to 610,000 Nm. A special cooling system allows to keep the temperature of individual components low. For the tough environmental conditions in tunnelling, options like pressure resistant seals are available as well.

Liebherr is also be expanding its portfolio by high performance KFE series squirrel cage motors for tunnel boring machines. The efficient machines will be available in a power range between 50 kW and 400 kW.

Slewing bearings

Going round and round

For tunnel boring machines, Liebherr provides cutterhead as well as erector bearings up to a diameter of 9,000 mm. Main bearings assuring the smooth movement of the cutterhead are available as three-row cylindrical roller bearings or, if required by customers, as two-row tapered roller bearings. Erector bearings allowing for a complete rotation of the erector are designed as four-point or crossed roller bearings.

Hydraulic pumps

Pushing it further

The extremely reliable hydraulic pumps by Liebherr have proven their value in the harsh tunnelling environment. Featuring a unique swivel angle of 22° and 100 percent through-drive capability, the pumps of the DPVO series are suited for tunnel boring machines with a diameter of up to 6 meters. Various nominal sizes as well as the modular control concept allow flexible adaptation to individual customer requirements.

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