Crawler excavator R 960 Demolition

The R 960 Demolition crawler excavator supersedes the previous model, the R 954 C Demolition, and provides working heights of up to 33m. With the R 960, tool attachments with a weight of up to 3.5 tonnes can be used and a high break-out force can be achieved. What is more, increased tool weights with greater reach enhances productivity.

Included in the R 960’s standard equipment is the Liebherr Demolition Control System (LDC), which won the innovation award at Intermat 2015. The system gives the operator information about the precise position of the demolition tool and thereby safeguards the stability of the excavator. The position of the tool is displayed in colour and in real time on the touchscreen, along with the tilt angle of the machine. This provides the operator with real-time information about what movements are permitted. In this way, it is possible to minimise the probability of human error impairing the stability of the machine. Liebherr is currently the only manufacturer in the market that offers this system.

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