Diesel engine D9812

The D9812 engine is the first cylinder configuration of the new D98 large diesel engine series to appear. This V12 engine presented at Minexpo is offering to the mining industry high productivity at low operating costs for toughest working conditions

Travel drive with electric motor

The electric travel drive, powered by an electric motor, is designed for equipment with gross vehicle weights. It is ideal for crawler vehicles with a diesel-electric drivetrain.

Cabinet frequency converter system

With its high power density and the compact design, the liquid cooled cabinet frequency converter system is optimised for use in stationary equipment. Due to a modular design and flexible configuration with converter units, it can be used in many different applications.

Slewing system

The slewing system convinces with perfectly matched components. A sealing system with included lubrication is optimised for dust-rich environments.

Travel drive with hydraulic motor

With proven coatings, materials and sealing systems, the combination of travel drive and axial piston pump can withstand harshest environmental conditions.