Large diameter bearings

At Bauma China 2016, the Liebherr Components division presents its expanded large diameter bearings portfolio. Liebherr’s large diameter bearings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for different applications. In addition to the standard series with a range of diameters from 800 mm to 6,000 mm Liebherr now offers larger diameters in single-piece as well as segmented versions.


Cutaway model of a single-row four-point bearing

Cutaway model of a single-row four-point bearing

Single-row four-point bearing KUD01090-020VJ

The robust and economical design of single-row four-point bearings offers a high degree of operating safety and is insensitive to changes in the shape of the adjacent structure. These bearings are used in a wide range of applications, where, for example, they enable the swivelling motion of excavators or the rotation of tower cranes. They are also used as drive components of large rope winches.

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Diameter: 1,185 mm
Weight: 138 kg
Gear module: 9
Number of teeth: 106
Coating: Zinc sprayed coating with additional protective coating / single layer coating / double layer coating
Cutaway model of a three-row roller bearing

Cutaway model of a three-row roller bearing

Three-row roller bearing ROD00786-032DJ

Liebherr roller bearing slewing rings are suitable for medium to high loads. The linear load transfer allows them to transfer much higher forces in the same installation space compared to four-point bearings and makes them particularly suitable for larger diameters. Typical applications are mining excavators or large crawler cranes, offshore and mobile harbour cranes. Roller bearings by Liebherr have also been tried and tested in drilling rigs and deep foundation machines.

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Diameter: 1,905 mm
Weight: 1,095 kg
Gear module: 16
Number of teeth: 94