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Press releases | 02/20/2020

Liebherr continues its commitment to research as one of the main sponsors of the reference construction site on the West Campus in Aachen

The Center Construction Robotics, of which the Liebherr Tower Cranes division is a founding member, enables science and industry to conduct research under real conditions. Find out more

Press releases | 02/12/2020

Picked up in person: Poland’s first Liebherr Fibre Crane

The first ever tower crane with fibre rope for Poland: A 240 EC-B 10 Fibre has been dispatched and delivered to the Polish company Mazur Zurawie Sp. z o. o. Mazur and company representatives travelled to Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH in Germany specifically for this much-anticipated event. Find out more

News | 01/28/2020

Liebherr to celebrate 50th anniversary in the USA

Liebherr in the United States is celebrating 50 years of success as a leading manufacturer in North America this year. Find out more

Press releases | 12/10/2019

World premiere at the Excon India 2019: Liebherr expands its Flat-Top crane series with the NC-B 12-70

Liebherr is unveiling the third and largest Flat-Top crane of the new NC-B series to date at the Excon in India: the NC-B 12-70. With a maximum lifting capacity of 12 tonnes and a maximum radius of 70 metres, it is significantly larger than the NC-B 9-62 and the NC-B 6-62. A specific 16 EC tower system has been developed for the NC-B cranes. The series also has its own variable climbing system. Find out more

Press releases | 10/31/2019

Liebherr’s 125 K: the largest fast-erecting crane in its class at work in Switzerland

The crane hire company Vogel Kranvermietung GmbH expands its rental fleet with a Liebherr 125 K fast-erecting crane. With a radius of 55 metres and a maximum hook height of 65.5 metres, it is currently the largest fast-erecting crane on the market. The handover to Vogel Kranvermietung GmbH took place in September. During his visit to this year’s Bauma in Munich, owner Joseph Vogel was impressed by the 125 K fast-erecting crane’s innovative features, and consequently decided to invest in his company’s future. Find out more

News | 10/29/2019

The new EC-B cranes win design prize

On 11 October, the 370 EC-B 12 Fibre, representative for the whole EC-B series, was awarded another design prize – the "Focus Open 2019 Gold". In April, Liebherr had presented the new tower crane series on the occasion of Bauma. Find out more

Press releases | 10/16/2019

Liebherr supplies a package of five fast-erecting cranes to Japan

The Japanese crane company Cranetal Noda has taken delivery of five Liebherr fast-erecting cranes of the 53 K/J type and thus extended its fleet once more with tower cranes from Liebherr. The cranes have been adapted especially to the Japanese market. In 2016, the company had already bought five 42 K/J. Find out more

Press releases | 09/04/2019

At eye level with treetops: Liebherr tower crane supports climate research project

A 150 EC-B 8 Litronic PT Flat-Top crane is the centrepiece of a climate research project in Hölstein near Basel. Thanks to the Liebherr tower crane optimised for passenger transport, the scientists can study the leaves in cages floating between the treetops. Find out more

Press releases | 08/27/2019

Liebherr tower cranes build residential project in the heart of São Paulo

Six 85 EC-B 5b Liebherr tower cranes are building more than just a residential district in São Paulo, the capital of the Brazilian state of the same name. The 48 towers, each with 18 floors, will comprise around 7,000 residential units, a day care centre, a police station and much more. The area between the towers will offer space for various recreational facilities such as parks and playgrounds. Find out more

Press releases | 08/19/2019

First mobile tower crane from Liebherr turns 70

In 1949 the rebuilding process in Germany and Europe is in full swing. The construction workers had to manually load stones, mortar, cement or bricks from the trucks for building apartments and industrial facilities. Because in postwar Germany there were very few cranes and the few that existed were made from iron and cast steel and were extremely heavy. The building was time-consuming, meaning that cranes were only used occasionally on construction sites. Find out more

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