Rodolfo Garcia emigrated from his home country

More than 20 years ago, Rodolfo Garcia left his homeland, Cuba, to discover new career opportunities with the Liebherr Group. Apart from the fascinating products, above all it is the collegial atmosphere that Rodolfo Garcia appreciates in his daily work. This made it easy for the welder to fit into completely new surroundings. And he can still rely on the experience and support of his colleagues today.

At Liebherr, I have not only found dependable colleagues, I have also made real friends.

Rodolfo Garcia

“I had just come to Europe from Cuba. In my home country, I simply did not have the career opportunities that I have here. That is why I packed my bags and emigrated. I have been at Liebherr for more than twenty years now – how quick time flies! Looking back, I can say there have been a few changes since I started: Liebherr has grown and developed many new and interesting products.

But some things will probably never change. I am thinking of my great colleagues, who I have worked with all these years. Some have been with Liebherr for over 45 years already! Compared to them, I am still a kind of newbie. If I need help, my boss or my colleagues are there straight away and support me. I never feel like I am on my own at work. And we go out together after work, too. That made it much easier for me to settle in Europe. There is one person I have grown particularly close to: my best friend Norbert, who I have worked with for many years now. Cuba will always be my home, but here I have found a home away from home, where I feel just as comfortable and secure.”