Ralf Schörle appreciates the collegial atmosphere at Liebherr

He got to know the big wide (Liebherr) world during his studies: Ralf Schörle collaborated with teams in Sydney and Melbourne, and found that within the family firm, a collegial working environment is a priority all over the world. This is exactly what appeals to the mechanical engineering student – along with the group’s fascinating products.

The impressive scope of our products inspire me every day!

Ralf Schörle

Ralf Schörle is able to live out his passion for technology, such as when he is designing a new mobile crane with a lifting capacity of 450 metric tons. He immerses himself in the task, turning complex interrelationships into a personal fascination.

“During the last eight years that I have been with Liebherr, the company has increased the number of employees from 32,000 to over 42,000. Liebherr has gained new markets, set up or expanded factories and overcome an economic crisis. A lot has happened. Nevertheless, I do believe, Liebherr has always remained true to its values and retained its character. This open and friendly manner which is prevalent when dealing with each other. There is always a pleasant working atmosphere and a friendly working environment.

And this is the same throughout Liebherr, as I am discovering time and time again. For example, in Australia where I worked in the subsidiaries in Sydney and Melbourne during my Ulm Model study programme. These six months were unforgettable. But I am also repeatedly amazed by my day-to-day work. This is often the case when I can delve deep into technical contexts. For example, when I designed the outrigger for a new 8-axle telescopic mobile crane. The task challenged me to the very end. Not only due to the impressive dimensions with maximum load bearing capacity of 450 tonnes and a boom which can be extended to 85 metres, but also due to the complex interaction of the steel structure, hydraulics and many other interfaces. But for precisely that reason I really enjoyed working on this project. It adds some spice to my job when I have to solve tricky problems and manage all requirements.”