As a Quality Management Engineer, Lushka Melina has a particularly keen eye for details

Or to put it another way: for a product to get to market, it has to get past her first. To enable the smooth and efficient manufacturing of Liebherr products, she strives continually to improve processes at the Marica site. Teamwork is important above all else, since in her view it makes the overall concept better and much more efficient. Ultimately it is always important to deliver the best performance and impress customers.

We can question existing processes, and that means we can continue to optimize them.

Lushka Melina

“At the final inspection, it is my job to carefully examine our products one more time before they enter the market. It is an important step: our products have to be faultless to impress and convince our customers. So process optimization plays a major role in what I do. However, that does not just involve defining procedures or checklists, it also applies to teamwork. I have noticed how having a well-coordinated team and a good working environment makes us more productive. We find defects much faster, and know exactly what to do. My visit to Ochsenhausen helped me a great deal, as I got to know people personally who I worked closely with, and could discuss all the details and issues face to face.

Optimization is also important for the company as a whole, whether in the form of training so that employees can develop their strengths, utilizing the latest technologies, or our commitment to the environment. In addition we always have the opportunity to contribute our own ideas. We can question existing processes, and that means we can continue to optimize them. After completing a course in quality management, I participated in an internal audit process within our final assembly department. This allowed me to put my theoretical knowledge into practice. During the audit, we developed ideas for better ways of preventing defects. Now that our improvements have been implemented, we can collect more accurate data and check our results more effectively.

Even if sometimes we optimize only small things, they can still have a big impact on the larger picture, and contribute to business success. That is why I am particularly proud that I could make a difference in the final assembly.”