New challenges as a way to grow and get ahead, while always being able to count on colleagues for support

Ferdinand Bentele appreciates this about his training as an IT specialist at Liebherr. He has only good memories from his first day of training, and he has a good relationship with his trainer, too. The basis for this is the trust placed in trainees, who take on responsible tasks from the outset as part of a team.

Assuming responsibility for tasks from the outset.

Ferdinand Bentele

“I still vividly remember my first day as a trainee. We received a warm welcome and I made friends straight away. To this day I feel happy and at ease and I also get along very well with my trainer. I think it is great that considerable trust is placed in the trainees and we can already take responsibility to perform challenging tasks.

Every day is made up of new challenges where I have the opportunity to grow and progress. It is a good feeling to know that my colleagues will always support me and I can rely on them if I have any problems. And despite the size of Liebherr I have the feeling that every individual employee counts and we work together to achieve good results. Whether it is personal care and support or the good atmosphere in the team – everything lives up to the impression I had of Liebherr as an applicant.”