Reliable structures on the one hand, scope for action on the other

These are the two balancing factors that Barbara Aichele particularly appreciates in her work at Liebherr. As a Team Leader at Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH, this framework provides the foundation for responsibility and quality in her day-to-day work. And even though Barbara Aichele has been on board since 1994, the company still holds a fascination for the engineer. This is mainly due to the large product portfolio and the opportunities for international collaboration at Liebherr.

Assuming responsibility is important at Liebherr.

Barbara Aichele

“Especially in the Safety and Reliability Team, that I manage, the day-to-day work involves active responsibility, because a lot depends on the quality of our work. Hence why we focus entirely on delivering perfect results together. We are involved in the development of flight control systems and landing gears. The specialist and technical nature of the work makes it all very exciting and challenging.

Liebherr offers me everything I need for my varied duties as a manager of this area. A friendly, competent work environment with the necessary structures, but also enough freedom to develop.

As a qualified engineer, I still find Liebherr just as interesting as when I joined back in October 1994. The diverse product portfolio provides many opportunities and options to further your professional development. Personally, I think of the development of the landing gear for a twin-engine short-haul jet for the manufacturer Embraer. We broke new ground with this project. Initially, I worked in the design department at the customer‘s premises in Brazil. Later on as safety engineer, I set up the entire safety certification for the landing gear system, without which there cannot be any technical approval from the aviation authority. The aircraft has been in operation for many years. It was a very special moment for me when I joined the flight for the first time.”