Apprenticeship training is diverse. All of the professions with apprenticeship can be found on our websites for schools.

Occupational training and career choice at Liebherr

Please use our online job portal to submit your application.

Please submit an application to us no later than one year before the apprenticeship starts. If your final term report is not yet available, we're happy to accept the mid term report to start with.

To complete the application, the following documents are required:

  • Letter of application
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Final term and mid term report
  • Other evidence of qualifications where necessary

There are several stages involved in the selection process. First we look at all applications and draw-up a shortlist. If you have attracted our interest, we will invite you to an interview, an assessment center or to work for a day on a trial basis.

Think ahead about your future and what job you ultimately want to do. What abilities are you characterized by? What interests you? What expectations do you have of your apprenticeship? What are your particular strengths?

Of course, you can also ask questions during the interview. Demonstrate to us that you have an interest in Liebherr and are familiar with our company and products.

Apart from good schoolwork, we expect flexibility, commitment and a great deal of team spirit of all of our future apprentices. The specific apprenticeship conditions that apply for different professions obviously vary. It's best if you find out about the various training routes on our websites for schools.

Occupational training and career choice at Liebherr

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