Components for maritime applications

With their special surface treatment, Liebherr components are engineered optimally for maritime applications. We ensure C5-M corrosion protection in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944 with top layer coatings. For the certifications required in the industry, we look back at many years of collaboration with classification companies such as Lloyd's Register of Shipping, American Bureau of Shipping and Det Norske Veritas / Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas and others.

Advantages of Liebherr components

  • Robust and durable
    Electric motors of the KGF and KDF series are suitable for various maritime applications – from crane applications to slewing motors for thrusters. The high resistance to climatic and application-specific environmental influences makes Liebherr electric motors especially durable.
  • Availability
    High availability during operation, long availability of spare parts and fast obliging service safeguard the performance of the end equipment.
Electric machines: Products and applications
  • Diverse
    Gearboxes from Liebherr have proven themselves, for example, in pipelaying ships, oil and gas equipment, heavy offshore cranes or ship propulsion systems.
  • Resilient
    Gearboxes and rope winches from Liebherr are subject to the highest demands on quality. Thanks to their sturdy design, optimised sealing systems and specific surface protection, our drive systems prove their worth in difficult environmental conditions. The gearboxes are distinguished by high reliability in the toughest of operating conditions.

Specifically designed products

  • Slewing drives
    The series can be adapted to drive a crane-slewing system as well as for offshore cranes with electric or hydraulic motor. The Liebherr slewing drives offer high torques of up to 610,000Nm.
  • Planetary plug-in gearbox
    The series is distinguished by an optimum power to weight ratio. The gearboxes are used predominantly in offshore heavy duty rope winches.
  • Rope winches
    The large compact rope winches are employed successfully in ship cranes, knuckle boom cranes or offshore heavy duty cranes. The modern technology guarantees a high rope speed and rope capacity.
Gearboxes and rope winches: Products and applications
  • Robust
    The large diameter slewing bearings are used in offshore cranes, pipelaying ships, oil and gas equipment as well as ship propulsion systems. They are distinguished by special corrosion protection against seawater and also ozone and UV-resistant seals, with emergency seals as an option.
  • Customer-orientated
    Liebherr manufactures slewing ring bearings according to customer specifications. The bearings made from one piece have diameters between 800 and 9,500 millimetres. In addition, the offer also comprises larger, segmented bearings. The high quality has proven its worth around the world in various ship cranes and offshore cranes, propulsion drive systems, cable carousels and many other applications.

Specifically designed products

  • Segmented large bearings
    Segmented bearings are often used within offshore applications, e.g., large cranes or equipment for the production of oil and gas. Learn more
Slewing bearings: Products and applications
  • Diverse
    The versatile Liebherr hydraulic pumps and motors have proven themselves onshore and offshore. Their advantages come to bear predominantly in crane applications.
  • Durable
    For the requisite durability in the maritime area, the components have a very sturdy design. Moreover, every axial piston unit is given a rigorous once over prior to delivery.

Specifically designed products

  • DPVG axial piston pump
    The hydrostatic cradle bearings of Liebherr axial piston pumps with swashplate design are distinguished by their optimised service life and reliability. The application possibilities stretch right up to the high-end area.
  • Axial piston motor DMVA
    The DMVA motor with swashplate design can be employed as a single or double motor. Depending on the operational requirement, it can be adapted flexibly to a broad conversion range. It impresses, too, with its high performance and efficiency.
Hydraulic pumps and motors: Products and applications
  • Diverse
    With a diverse range of hydraulic cylinders and professional engineering, we offer interested parties from the maritime sector individually tailored solutions in small and large scale production. The cylinders are used in harbour cranes, ship cranes and offshore cranes as well as in hydraulic steelwork.
  • Robust and durable
    Our hydraulic cylinders are designed to be long lasting and reliably withstand extreme environmental conditions on the high seas. This is supported by corrosion-resistant materials and special coatings for the piston rods. Where required, we collaborate with all renowned approval inspection and classification organisations.
  • Maintenance-friendly
    Even the most durable of systems need to be maintained. Even during the design phase we think about how to configure the cylinders so that seal replacement is straightforward.
Hydraulic cylinders: Products and applications

Aside from switchgear and power electronics, such as frequency converters and energy storage units, the broad product portfolio also comprises individual customer control solutions. Our components and systems reveal their full strength predominantly with various harbour cranes.

  • User friendly
    The compact design of our power electronics ensures simple and optimal integration in a whole range of different machines. At the customer's request, we can also supply certified switch cabinets for onshore use.
  • Powerful
    Our electronics components - particularly frequency converters - are distinguished by their high power density. Where the available space is very limited, such as on ships, this compact and efficient design is particularly favourable.
  • Service-friendly
    Easy accessibility and maintenance-friendly design facilitate simple replacement of Liebherr components. Complete monitoring and diagnostic functions in our control systems reduce downtimes.
  • Temperature-resistant
    In the maritime sector, extreme environmental conditions are not uncommon. Our switchgear units therefore remain effective within a broad temperature range of -40 to 55°C.

Specifically designed products

  • Energy accumulator
    Liebherr energy accumulators can significantly reduce fuel consumption in lifting applications, e.g. gantry cranes. The accumulator modules store the energy generated as the load is lowered. This is then available again for later use, for example to lift the load.
  • Frequency converter Liduro Marine
    The frequency converter system Liduro Marine was specially designed for use in maritime environments. It is suitable among other things for use in main drives and steel rudders on ships, as well as for winches and drives in maritime cranes. Find out more
Control technology and electronics: Products and applications

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The video shows the various application possibilities of Liebherr components in the maritime sector. Customer-specific development and production are at the forefront here.

The video shows the various application possibilities of Liebherr components in the maritime sector. Customer-specific development and production are at the forefront here. Open video

The video shows the various application possibilities of Liebherr components in the maritime sector. Customer-specific development and production are at the forefront here.