Enhanced safety and performance with VarioBase

The space available on sites is often constricted. It is frequently impossible to extend all the outriggers of the mobile crane evenly. VarioBase from Liebherr allows the crane to be used safely and flexibly in these difficult conditions. The increased safety and ease of use take the strain off the crane driver who can concentrate fully on the hoist. The enhanced range and lifting capacity means that the system's capacity has also been improved.

Safe crane jobs using variable crane support

Work safely with VarioBase

Work safely with VarioBase

VarioBase is a unique system which enables each individual crane support to be extended to an arbitrary length. The load moment limiter within the LICCON control ensures that the crane can operate safely. This prevents accidents by human error during both the set-up and when hoisting loads. VarioBase also increases lifting capacities and extends the working range, and not just on constricted sites.

VarioBase in a practical test

The video explains how VarioBase works. A practical comparison test demonstrates the benefits of the innovative crane support system.

VarioBase: Benefits in detail

Computer-based safety for crane operation

Flexible positioning of the crane supports

Flexible positioning of the crane supports

The VarioBase variable supporting base enables each crane support to be positioned individually. This means that the crane control's load moment limiter protects the crane operation.

The space available for crane operations on many sites is highly restricted. It is often not possible to extend all the supports evenly. In the past this has meant that crane drivers have had to reduce their support bases and use appropriately programmed lifting capacity tables. However, drastically reduced lifting capacities meant that some hoisting work was impossible. Larger crane locations, further away from the load meant that more powerful cranes had to be used. VarioBase allows each individual crane support to be positioned arbitrarily. The crane operation is protected by the LICCON controlled load moment limiter.

Increase in efficiency due to high lifting capacity

Increase in lifting capacity when operating with partial ballast

Increase in lifting capacity when operating with partial ballast

VarioBase also achieves higher load capacities and a larger operating range when the supports are fully extended. The greatest increases are achieved when partial ballast is used. The graphic shows this using at the example of an LTM 1130-5.1 with 9 tonnes of ballast.

VarioBase increases efficiency for crane operations by ensuring higher lifting capacities. The system identifies the machine's precise centre of gravity and the tipping edges and then sets the two relative to each other. If a load is hoisted over a support, the risk of tipping is lower than during hoists to one side, for example. This means that the system can permit a higher lifting capacity and loads can be moved to a greater outreach.

These benefits also apply when the supports are extended to their maximum length. The greatest increases are in working ranges above the supports when partial ballast is also in use. The increases in lifting capacities mean that ballast transport is simply not required for many crane jobs.

Milestone for safety and increased capacity

Lifting capacity with single-sided support

Lifting capacity with single-sided support

VarioBase ensures safe operation even on constricted sites. The graphic shows the maximum lifting capacity for single-sided support, for example for operating on a busy road.

VarioBase, the variable crane support, was launched by Liebherr in 2013. During its three-year development phase Liebherr created several innovative measuring technologies. The additional safety and the higher lifting capacity mean that the purchase costs are quickly amortised.

VarioBase is already proving its worth with many crane contractors and has received multiple awards for being a milestone in safe and efficient crane operation.

Innovative measuring technology

VarioBase sets new standards for safety for daily crane operation. The risk of accidents from incorrect set-up or the incorrect programming of the set-up state is drastically reduced. The system calculates the precise lifting capacity for any support base and thus monitors the crane's stability. Liebherr has developed various measuring and calculation technologies for this purpose.

  • A newly developed length measurement system records the precise extension position of each support strut.
  • At the same time a sensor establishes the exact support force.
  • This enables the crane control to calculate the maximum lifting capacity for the superstructure at every angle position.
  • All parameters are shown on the monitor for the driver.

Another safety benefit of the system is that the LICCON work planner allows the crane operation to be simulated before the actual hoist is completed.

Stellate support for even more flexibility

Enhanced support base using adjustable folding strut angle

Enhanced support base using adjustable folding strut angle

A special features of the LTM 1750-9.1 with a stellate support is the adjustment of the folding strut angle. VarioBase enables much higher lifting capacities to the front and rear to be achieved with lower folding strut angles.

On the LTM 1750-9.1 with VarioBase the angle of the folding struts for the stellate support can be adjusted variably. At lower folding beam angles the support base increases to the front and rear. This results in vastly increased lifting capacity in these working areas. The LTM 1750-9.1, even with part ballast, can almost achieve the lifting capacity values from the standard table with high ballast. This means that there is no need to transport ballast for some crane jobs.


Awards from specialist bodies

In 2014 VarioBase won the LLEAP Award in the USA, the award for Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Areal Platforms. ESTA - the European association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes, presented the variable support with an Award of Excellence in the safety category. The Baublatt trade journal in Austria declared VarioBase the Innovation of the Year.

LICCON intelligent crane control

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