LRH 600 piling rig with new free-fall hammer

The LRH 600 represents a perfect combination of new attachment, innovative leader concept and high-performance basic machine. Webspecial LRH 600 piling rig

Large outreach

Piling rigs of the LRH series are ideal for special applications with heavy pile. Equipped with fixed and swinging leader, the piling rigs also boast extreme outreaches and inclinations.

Approved basic machines

Liebherr's successful duty-cycle crawler crane, crawler cranes and drilling rigs are employed. Equipped with stable leaders, these machines impress with their outstanding efficiency and flexibility.

Efficient hydraulic system

The powerful hydraulic systems of the Liebherr basic machines allow the hammer and vibrator to work without the need for an additional drive unit. That means substantial savings in operating costs.

Piling rigs with fixed and swinging leader

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LRH 100 Piling rig

Operating weight 65.0 t
Max. crowd force 80 kN
Max. pile length 19.0 m
Jib length 8.7 m

LRH 400 Piling rig with fixed or swinging leader

Max. crowd force 600 kN
Max. pile length 48.0 m
Max. lifting capacity 35.0 t

LRH 600 Piling rig with fixed or swinging leader

Operating weight 330.0 t
Max. pile length 50.0 m
Jib length 15.1 m
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