Large diameter bearings

For over 60 years Liebherr has been manufacturing top-quality large diameter bearings. Depending on requirements, various dimensions are available. Product portfolio Large diameter bearings

Gearboxes & rope winches

Every year Liebherr manufactures tens of thousands of durable gearboxes and rope winches. All products are subject to rigorous testing. Gearboxes & rope winches

Engineering expertise

As an engineering partner for large diameter bearings, Liebherr uses state-of-the-art processes - starting from development through to production. Engineering for large diameter bearings

Slewing drives

Liebherr slewing drives impress thanks to their quality and reliability – also in tough ambient conditions. Slewing drives

Planetary plug-in gearboxes

For planetary plug-in gearboxes Liebherr offers its customers both a standard range, as well as individual solutions for special requirements. Planetary plug-in gearboxes

Exhaust gas aftertreatment

We rely on our own technologies to reduce emissions. The exhaust gas aftertreatment systems are integrated in the Liebherr emissions concept. Exhaust gas aftertreatment systems

Test Centre for Electronics

Liebherr operates its own electronics test centre at Lindau. State-of-the-art testing and measuring equipment guarantees high product quality. Test Centre for Electronics

Operating materials

Regular maintenance maintains the efficiency of your machines. Liebherr provides special lubricants and operating fluids for maintenance purposes. Overview of operating materials

Advantages of diesel engines

Diesel engines by Liebherr are distinguished by their high level of performance. They also impress with efficient fuel consumption. Impressive diesel engines

Reman program

Within the scope of the Reman Program, used Liebherr components are remanufactured in accordance with industrial standards. Reman Program

Biberach production site

At the Biberach production site Liebherr develops and manufactures high-quality components and systems for drive and control technology. Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH

Lindau production site

Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH in Lindau specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality electronic assemblies and systems. Lindau Elektronik GmbH

Production sites

Production sites

Liebherr manufactures customised large diameter bearings at the following locations:

Production sites

Production sites

Production sites

Bulle production site

Liebherr develops and produces diesel and gas engines, injection systems, hydraulic components and splitter boxes in Bulle (Switzerland). Liebherr Machines Bulle SA

Kirchdorf production site

Liebherr produces efficient and powerful hydraulic cylinders and dampers at Kirchdorf an der Iller (Germany). Liebherr-Components Kirchdorf GmbH


As expert for electric drive systems, Liebherr offers for instance complete control cabinets including electric drives and motors for hoisting systems. View video

The animation shows the flow of energy in a Ship To Shore crane consisting of a hoisting system with two 500kW hoist motors each driven by one Active Frond End and one Motor Module.

Injection systems

Owing to our many years of experience we understand customer requirements. Injection systems from Liebherr are suitable for all types of engine manufacturers and for diverse applications. Manufacturing expertise for injection systems

Diesel engines

With Liebherr diesel engines, the engine architecture, injection system and engine control are compatible with each other. Diesel engines

Hydraulic power units

Liebherr develops customised hydraulic units. Our hydraulic components are ideal for combining with one another. Hydraulic power units


Liebherr offers high-quality control systems and complete switchgears - safe, easy to maintain and functional. Switchgears


State-of-the-art production and test facilities for Liebherr electronic components are used at the site in Lindau. View video

State-of-the-art production and test facilities for Liebherr electronic components are used at the site in Lindau.

Technology expertise

State-of-the-art technologies are used in the development and manufacture of certified Liebherr hydraulic cylinders. Technology expertise in hydraulic cylinders

Machinery & plant construction

Customised hydraulic cylinders from Liebherr are also used in industrial applications, such as presses or injection moulding machines. Hydraulic cylinders in machinery and plant construction


State-of-the-art development and manufacturing equipment is used for electric machines and control technology in the production centre in Biberach. View video

State-of-the-art development and manufacturing equipment is used for electric machines and control technology in the production centre in Biberach.

System expertise

Liebherr offers convincing system solutions. Our components can be optimally modified to the complete drivetrain. System expertise

Compact & heavy duty rope winches

Our compact and heavy duty rope winches offer a convincing solution with precise rope guide, long service life and sophisticated safety devices. Compact and heavy duty rope winches

Gear ring rope winches

Liebherr designs tailormade gear ring rope winches. Seals and cooling are also customised. Gear ring rope winches


As an experienced partner, Liebherr possesses extensive application know-how and expertise. We optimise our components for specific applications. Overview of applications

Wind industry

Liebherr supplies individual components, as well as the entire system for the rotor blade and yaw adjustment in wind turbines. Systems for the wind industry

Customer Service

The services of the components division in the Customer Service area are individually tailored to the needs of our customers. Customer Service

Engineering expertise

During the design and development of high quality gearbox solutions, Liebherr relies on state-of-the-art development and calculation methods. Engineering for drives


In the download area you find an overview of all brochures and datasheets for the various Liebherr components. Downloads

Power modules

Power modules from Liebherr can be optimally integrated in the modular switchgear-frequency converter systems. Power modules

Frequency converter systems

Further standardised components allow the power modules to be extended to form individually configurable frequency converter systems. Frequency converter systems

Power electronics

Liebherr power electronics is developed for tough ambient conditions and defies dust, vibrations and extreme temperatures. Power electronics

Swivelling drives

Liebherr develops special swivelling drives for applications which are exposed to high dynamic loading during the rotating movement (e.g. excavator). Swivelling drives