Liebherr offers two alternative concepts for control. Both were developed for railway applications and meet the corresponding standards for electronic railway vehicles.

BK/3 controller

Liebherr BK/3 controller

Liebherr BK/3 controller

The BK/3 system is designed as a modular master-slave-system. It offers a great number of binary inputs and outputs, analogue measuring inputs and communication interfaces in a compact module. Moreover, it can be combined through any internal bus system with other decentralized periphery modules, such as temperature selection switches, current sensors, temperature detectors, data collectors, etc.

Highly sophisticated internet technologies

Liebherr’s know-how gained in the aviation field concerning vibrations, EMV and reliability was extensively used during the development works. Due to very low energy consumption, the powerful 32-bit computer does not require ventilation in the entire temperature range. Due to the use of highly sophisticated internet technologies, the stored diagnostic data, as well as the current process data may be represented on any connected computer in the form of web sites, without need of using special manufacturer’s software.

MiCaNet control technology

The MiCaNet control system is also built in a modular manner and consists of a compact regulator as a core module and of I/O extension modules. The latter are connected to the computer central unit on the CAN basis and can be configured from it in a decentralized manner. Substantial savings during the vehicle wiring interconnection are thus achieved. The system can be extended by connecting the binary and analogue modules, furthermore, suitable current rectifiers that are controlled by a shuttle bus and are involved in the diagnosis. On the basis of the high output capacity and flexibility, the system can also be used as the air-conditioner and wagon-diagnostic-computer, supporting MVB to class 4.

Continuous innovation

Both systems are available through the CAN-Open-, MVB- or IP-Bus. The data output proceeds on the RS232 interfaces or on the display, e.g. on the vehicle switchboard. The system software of both regulators has been continuously innovated for more than 10 years and verified during the operation of thousands of vehicles. The sophisticated error diagnosis is a standard feature of all Liebherr’s instruments.


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